Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Essence Holographic Effect Eyeshadow in Mystic Purple

Essence Holographic Effect Eyeshadow in Mystic Purple is another piece of toy from the ULTA clearance basket dig. Even though it looks off-white in the pan (and is very difficult to photograph), it shows up as a pearly lilac as soon as it's swiped on. The shade is soft and dreamy by itself but I actually really like it as a top-coat for other shadow, as it transfer the original color into something cooler, richer and foggier.
L'Oreal Bronzed Taupe, Mystic Purple, Bronzed Taupe with Mystic Purple On Top, Maybelline Edgy Emerald with Mystic Purple on top. The shadow itself is very firmly pressed and it applies thin and evenly with no fly-out, making it a great top-coat, The texture is rather silky for its 2-dollar regular price tag (I bought it for 40 cents).


  1. I really like how it looks on top of the other eyeshadows! I have an Ulta brand eyeshadow color kind of like that, that I don't use very often. I should try layering with it, like you did!

  2. Thank you , I did'nt even freakin think of that!

  3. O.K. , I swatched the mystic purple over black onyx, bronzedtaupe and smoldering plum. I love it over smoldering plum. I think I'll try it with smoldering plum on my lids and blend the mystic purple over it and up into y crease. Thanks again for the great suggestion!

    1. I am glad this is somewhat helpful! I totally thought about layering with purple shade then I realized that I don't really have any rich purple (too difficult for my no-skill).


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