Saturday, September 29, 2012

elf Allover Color Stick Pink Lemonade

elf All Over Color Stick ($1 at HEB and Target)  is supposed to be a multipurpose products for eyes, lips and face...Do they really expect people to glide a thick layer of grandma-magenta across someone's eyelid? I mean, I wouldn't even wear it on my lips.
As gaudy as it appears, the shimmery magenta seems perfectly harmless as a cheek color. The lemon-y (a little Glade-like but not too sharp on the nose) blush stick is pigmented, creamy (thick but not too hard to blend on bare skin) and not at all sticky. A few dots (or a mini-swipe) gives a natural pink blush with some fine silver shimmer/glitter hanging around. 
An intimidating arm swatch (probably what you get if you wear it as lip color). Overall: It's cheap, nice-smelling, natural-looking and long-lasting (as it doesn't disappear within an hour), just perfect for a lazy/busy day when you need something to look alive.


  1. I like this as a blush, but I would NOT wear it as a lipstick! It's too frosty.

  2. i do agree with Madeline the frostiness puts me off for lipcolor :( i have one in peach (dont know the exact name) i use it as a cream highlighting blush

  3. Madeline:
    I suppose I can wear it as a stain as well (as if I don't have enough berry-pink turns grandma magenta lip colors already).

    I think Pink Lemonade is the only shade I see in Target...a peachy one would be awesome!

    Yeah, now it makes me want to try their more expensive powder blush (at 3 bucks). Blushes just don't usually go wrong (unless they are chalky, unpigmented mess like Maybelline fit me).


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