Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Western Brands at Japan - The Grass is Always Greener

Some ancient magazine snaps I did last year (and totally forgot about among the mass of unfinished posts), from March 2011 issue of Vivi magazine.
Maybelline Cream Gel eyeshadow (of course we have Color Tattoo now, which I do love) and brow color gel.  
 Watershiny Lipstick (looks like a colorsensational lipstick in a tough Rimmel case)
I would totally buy that nude-coral-pink on the very right. ( but that 1365 yen price tag is a little scary). Isn't that like 17 dollars?
Revlon Lip Sheen gloss, now that just looks like Mac lip glass (And almost 20 bucks? I guess it's nice being in US...)
 The Cover Girl - Nishino Kana. I was a little sick of her (Particular Japanese magazine like to use the same cover girl for months and I guess Vivi was on a Kana Kick last year) at first but now I am a fan girl.
Scarlett Johansson (Vivi, how can you do that that to her?) was left a little weary with the "Grand love triangle"... I guess she is a mortal after all.
Couldn't resist while I was at CVS - I always thought that those guys on internet (who kept going on how girly/gay Justin Bieber looks when to me, most pre-teen boys look like that) were too harsh on him but now...Is that what you call a self-fulfilling prophecy?

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  1. Ooohh I being dying to see more of the Asian Beauty World, specially Japan. Why do everything looks more glamorous there? AND they have to add glitters and shimmers in everything too :D crazy Azians I say!


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