Monday, August 27, 2012

TimeBalm White Tea Olive Age Defense Face Cream

TimeBalm White Tea Olive Age Defense Face Cream is the final item from that normal-dry skin kit I got a few months back, and the only one that works (A little summary of the previous reviews - The toner was pratically a bottle of distilled water, that smells like hospital. The cleanser doesn't clean well and the AHA in it stings my face). The moisturizer comes with a heavy-enough tough plastic (that it feels like glass) jar, a clear inner lid and a herb-like (Lavender? Rosemary? I can't tell the two apart) scent that's not bothersome.
The cream has a light texture that instantly liquidity as soon as it's rubbed in (well, no rubbing is needed since it melts right away), making it perfect even for the delicate skin under eyes. Even though it does a good job getting rid of some dry flakes on my cheeks and leave a miniscule bit of oil (if I use a bigger glob), the formula is more hydrating than it is occlusive, which is a good thing as my normal skin doesn't really need much oil. Overall: It gets the job done so...I like it.

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  1. I saw this at TJMaxx but thought twice about it since I've never heard of the Balm skincare. How interesting


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