Saturday, August 18, 2012

Sunset, Insects and Snake...

Since I don't feel like reviewing the bunch of stuff that's clogging up my dashboard, here is the weekly memory card dump random snapshots.
Sunset sequence, taken around November of 2012
  Green Dragon Fly - After 3 years of heavy use, the bulit-in zoom lens on my Sony H20 is getting a lot slower...Does it mean that I should buy one for my a390 instead?
The whatever authority Pentone just declared that cobalt blue will be a hit color this fall (yes, months after the fashion show...)
It turns out that the lake I use as natural background for my photo (the plants makes a pretty uniform backdrop and the lake acts as a natural reflector) has a meter-long snake in it.Yikes...
Small (see ant for size comparison) flowers that look like mini lilies
Pretty Roses...and here are some links I found interesting:

Canmake limited edition Cheek and Cheek Orange Bouquet and Whip Mousse Lips

Shiseido Lacquer Rouge in Nocturne and Disco (Nocturne is seriously tempting me)  

The yellow in these (what are they?) monsters, for some reasons, is making me really happy.

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