Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick by Kate in 12 - Orange Red

The Rimmel Lasting Finish lipstick has been around for quite sometime, being reasonably affordable (at 5 dollars, just a notch up from Wet n Wild and NYC) and well-received, I never found a shade that was interesting enough to try... That's until they release a Kate Moss collection, including an orange red. First off, I really like the construction: The tube is sleek, simple, scratch-proof, light-weight yet doesn't feel flimsy. The lipstick is solid enough that it doesn't melt, wobble or smear around the edge.
Unlike other truer red-oranges I have tried, Kate no.12 has a bit of tonal creaminess, which makes it little more coral and less neon-bright. If you are afraid of wearing the standard yellow-based orange, this might worth a try. The artificial cherry-scented lipstick leaves a semi-matte finish with a sheen, not my favorite for this kind of color but whatever...
Mac Crosswire, Rimmel Kate No.12, Sula Awake Till Sunrise, Milani Mandarina, Maybelline Fruit Punch - The texture of the lipstick is more creamy than it is slippery and it reflects well on its price: It's A lot better than those slippery mess from Essence and NYC (and I even like it better than the NYX formula) but I feel that you can get a more homogenous, richer formula if you pay 2-3 bucks more for Revlon, some Maybelline and the Moisture Renew range by Rimmel.
A thin layer of Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick by Kate in 12 on the lips - The lipstick is so bold, pigmented and slippery that applying it the normal way just gives me a squishy mess of Uncle McDonald pout.  I am not sure why but this particular shade seems to make my skin a little ashy (but it looks alright under yellow lighting though).

Overall: Even though I don't think the formula is particularly outstanding this is still a great lipstick in its price range (actually, this is the only lipstick in its 5-dollar price range). I might get another one if there is a good enough sale going on (Rimmel lip products went on a 50% off sale in Walgreens once this year), just because it makes a nice toy.

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