Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Revlon Berry Smoothie Colorburst Lip Butter

So...the Revlon Lip Butter reviews have slowly turned into a How-many-glamour-shot-styles-I-can-come-up-with sort of thing (only one more to go and that will be it)...But I guess some undecided souls will find this helpful, for this week's semi-huge Revlon lip product sale going on at CVS. Or maybe you guys just hauled them all a few months back?

Berry Smoothie is (one of the sheerer shades of the range) sheer berry pink with fine purple pearls. The texture and pigmentation level is similar to other pearly shades like Cherry Tart and Peachy Parfait that it can be layered to around 60-70% of full coverage.
Essence I Like Cotton Candy, Berry Smoothie Lip Butter, 8 layers of L'Oreal Heavenly Berry (so it's practically clear on the lips) and Revlon Honey Balm Stain 

A few layers of Revlon Berry Smoothie Colorburst Lip Butter - I think it's alright but neither the color or the finish is particularly good (Of course, in Revlon standard rather than the general drugstore lipstick standard). It pretty much just wears like a sheer berry pink (that turns grandma magenta on me) and leaves a bit of a oily sheen. Overall: User-friendly but a little boring for me.


  1. I actually like the colour, it's pretty!

  2. I love how Berry Smoothie looks on me. It actually doesn't look like how it does on your lips, I guess it depends on people's lip pigmentation and how the lip butter works on per person. Cuz it certainly does not look grandma look on my lips. Peach Parfait gives me a sexy peach and gold shimmer look that got me compliments and a sephora associate asking me what lipstick I'm wearing. Hahah


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