Saturday, August 04, 2012

Physicians Formula pH Matchmaker Lip Gloss Light Pink and Pink

Physicians Formula pH Matchmaker Lip Gloss (available in light pink and pink, which I both got) is gloss with "florescent pigments"  that changes base on the pH of lips. The gloss normally retails for 10 bucks and goes on sale all the time at CVS (there is one that starts tomorrow, in which you will get 7 extra bucks for 10 dollar Physicians Formula purchase. Of course, 9.99 counts).
There are only around 3ml in each tube (but more than enough if you are like me, who hauls way too much lip products) so most of your money is going straight to the packaging: First there is a nicely sized mirror at the side (I remember having an old Rimmel one with this kind of feature/gimmick...and I paid 8 bucks for it. Oyyy...).
The gloss also comes with a (switch activated) light bulb in case you want to apply it in the dark. If it's actually dim enough to need it, it would be too dim to tell the color on your lips anyway...
Light pink is completely colorless initially (the tube is tinted pink) but turns into a sheer blue pink in a minute (I didn't wait too long here just in case the gloss turns bubbly on my arm, under the hot weather). 
Light Pink - translucent sheer pink half a minute after application, then it turned into a hot pink jelly after an hour-long wear.  The staying power is pretty impressive, I applied it at night (intended as a thick lip mask/kids don't try it at home) and the shine and color stayed on till the next day. 
Pink is a nice hot pink jelly at first but turns more purple/grandma magenta (probably a bit too much for me) after a few hours - This also gives a stain very quickly. Overall: Great, long-lasting, shiny glosses for the sale price, just keep in mind that they might turn a lot pinker than you would imagine.
Bright pink side by side: Bobbi Brown Rosy, Milani Fruit Punch, Jordana BFF, Light Pink and Pink 

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