Monday, August 13, 2012

Nutra Nail Fall For You, Sally Hansen Hard as Nail and Extreme Wear

From CVS -Nutra Nail Fall for You Limited Edition (I guess people actually buy it?) featuring muted red, blue, plum and green (my kind of shades but I will just go with normal polish).
 Sinful Color Start a Phenomenon - Not really new but I want a pen in that muted blue (2nd from left)
Sally Hansen Hard as Nail Color Celebration and Summer Sizzle
Several new shades of Xtreme wear in Coral Reef (not pictured as it's sold out), Violet Voltage, Golden and Pink Satin


  1. Coral Reef is so pretty! Im not surprised it's sold out!

    1. So I guess you have seen it in drugstore? There are only 2 bottles of each shade in the display so I guess it's not hard to run something out.


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