Thursday, August 16, 2012

Essence New Colour & Go Nail Polish, Voluminzing Lash Powder, Eyeshadow Primer and More

If you have seen Haru's update on the new Essence release and got excited, here is my bucket of cold water. Behold, the new Essence releases in the US...
The Colour & Go nail polish has undergone a packaging revamp and it seems that they have gotten rid of plenty of good shades. The new bigger bottles retail for 1.99 (instead of the old 99 cents) a piece.
A new pink shade added to the Stay All Day longlasting eyeshadow called For Fairies (Don't worry, the taupe is still there).
Eyeshadow single in John Lemon (lol) and Kermit says Hello. There is also a periwinkle blue called In the Clouds.
Get Big Lashes Mascara and Volumizing Lash Powder (aka. Say hello to mega clump?)
I love stage eyeshadow primer ($3.49) - Love the tough packaging! But I guess I need to finish up the Too Faced and elf primers I have.
16 Longlasting concealer. Nothing exciting from the "new" release but many of the eyeshadow, liner and brushes are now in the clearance baskets. (I scored a powder brush for 89 cents!)


  1. Thanks for the link! I tried that eyeshadow primer, but it didn't work that well for me, so I'm using Too Faced Shadow Insurance instead. At least your stores put the products on clearance, they just disappear from the shelves over here instead of being discounted.

  2. woah lash powder sounds interesting - never seen such thing! lol@ your comment with lash clump haha. The nail polish packaging reminds me of Bourjois a lot!

  3. Don't bother with the Essence primer. I bought it and it's not that great. It's a cheaper version of Benefit Stay Don't Stray/Urban Decay Primer Potion in Eden but the downside is that it doesn't prevent creasing -__-"

    1. Lol, I guess I will just stick with the too faced (still haven't finished it after 3 years...)and elf (which is surprisingly good for the 1 dollar price tag).

  4. I can't post using a name because the comment box is partially malfunctioning when using my iPhone.

    The Volumizing Lash Powder actually works really well, & because the fibers are white instead of black, they don't make an obvious mess on the face if there's any fallout when the product is applied. It's also very easy to clean up. The product doesn't make the lashes clump up at all either & is very easy to apply with any random spoolie brush. Just put on one thin coat of mascara, apply some of the fibers by rolling them on along your lash lengths while the mascara is still wet, allow it to set for a minute, then apply another coat of mascara on top. Very easy. For those who like extra long or thick lashes, the process can be repeated til they get the effect they want. It's also very affordable compared to many other similar products on the market.


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