Sunday, July 01, 2012

Wet n Wild Fergie Nail Color

New Wet n Wild display at Walgreen - Fergie Nail Color - Rock All Sides of Dutchess (I was under the impression that she was an actual duchess, speaking of living inside a cave...). Each bottle retails for 3.49 dollars, which is a little expensive for Wet n Wild/how cheap these polishes look, but I guess the Dutchess gotta eat...
Purple glitter, black with silver glitter, star confetti, gold and charcoal glitter 
Gold, Blue, Silver and Red Glitter (Just in time for the Independence Day manicure?), one shade is missing (sold out) already so I wonder what it looks like...
Last row- Beside the silver (which looked alright and totally dupable with polish either from Wet n Wild or Sinful Colors) the other shades looks like they would end up in the picked-over clearance basket very soon...


  1. I saw this display too! But the one I saw was a lot bigger. One shade that I got that I don't see on your display is Flossy flossy. It is a clear polish with rose gold glitter and other smaller shimmers. It looks nice layered over other polishes. I swatched a few and did some comparison on my blog :)

  2. There *are* 2 displays, I've seen both of them. I have pictures of both of them in the post I am preparing. :) Thanks for this post, now I know that the order of the polishes are different depending on the display.

  3. Thanks for the good close up pics! I want the multi colored stars.


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