Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Dove Beauty Cream Bar - German Version

Dove Beauty Cream Bar with 1/4 moisturizing cream seems to one of those bathroom basics that has been around forever (so basic that bloggers rarely review it).  The American-made ones are available at normal drug, grocery and mass-merchandise store for around 2 dollars a piece. I picked up a pack of made in Germany ones at Big Lots as they are only a dollar a piece there.
With an almost-bleached white color, the oval shaped Dove bar (with a base that's curved downward and stamped with a dove, just like the top) has a texture that's like frosted glass, the shape and finish make it much easier to hold and maneuver on the face (since I just rub it on). There is a powdery but somewhat sharp scent that reminds me of a clean public bathroom*.

The foam it creates is really fine (and doesn't die down too quickly) but not abundant/rich enough for me to cover my whole face with a really rich and thick layer. It's quite gentle (nostrils, eyeballs and broken-skin friendly) on the face and leave a very thin moisturizing film that's not yet oily but have enough of a presence to make me do multiple rinses.

Overall: A pretty gentle and effective cleanser for the body but it's just alright for the face (I prefer something that make my face squeaky clean).
Ingredient List of the Dove Beauty Cream Bar (I think this has a slightly longer list compared to the American version, or maybe it's just the different namings?)

* Theoretically,  a truly clean bathroom should be free of any smell so when a bathroom smells strongly of fresh detergent, it's probably a mask set by the lazy janitor. From my personal experience, the fresher a public bathroom smells, the more in-bowl skid marks you get to encounter.

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