Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Stila Liquid Luminizer, Custom Color Blush, Passionfruit Crush Lip Cheek Stain Swatches

I was at ULTA a while ago so I played with some of the new summer 2012 releases - Stila all over shimmer liquid luminizer (not unlike the Benefit beam series) and a new lip and cheek stain called Passion Fruit Crush.
Passionfruit Crush is a bronze-y rose gold with a berry pink base. Although the Liquid Luminizer in Pink (iridescent sheer baby pink), Bronze (more like gold with a touch of bronze) and Rose Gold (pinkish copper) look different as one-swipe swatch, they all ended up getting blended out to be an incredibly natural looking glowy sheen.
I also played with the Custom Color blushes and bronzer a bit - Custom pink is a blue pink that turns very purple on me, Coral is a lovely cream coral with subtle golden shimmer. The bronzer ended up much deeper (more brown than orange-beige) once it's settled on my arm. The two powder blushes even gives a stained effect after they are wiped off so I guess they should be rather long-lasting.


  1. Bronze and Rose gold looks nice! I'm not a fan of the sheer ones! Intriguing product, I have to check local Stila counter here and see if we'll have it here. Thanks for swatching

  2. Passionfruit Crush looks soooo pretty! And I've got two of the Convertible Colors blushes/lip colors and honestly the thought of using that formula in a bronzer scares me haha. The blushes never really "set" on my skin. Not as bad as some cream blushes I've tried, but if you build up the color they will be gone very quickly :(

    1. I actually really like the convertible color (but after a few years there will be tons of dead skin stuck on the surface)but it seems the only way for it to work it applying it to bare face (or prime with a sunscreen that dries completely). I think the convertible bronzer (they had a duo called marigold maybe 2 years ago) it looks like a fun shading/highlight duo to me.


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