Wednesday, June 27, 2012

L'Oreal 24HR Infallible Eyeshadow, Cream Eyeliner, Revitalift Triple Power

 Several new products from L'Oreal (ULTA display) - Infallible Cream Liner and new shades for Eyeshadow shades. I still haven't review the one (bought two, accidentally tossed one) I got half a year ago...
Golden Emerald (Ahhhhh), Endless Sea (Ahhhh again), Smoldering Plum
Glistening Garnet (This will porbably look like an allergic reaction on my lid but I still want it), Bottomless Java, Liquid Diamond
The full new L'Oreal product display at Walgreens - Now I need to wait for CVS to get them (since they have better deal)
Another shot of the new Infallible eye candies - I actually didn't like the formula (rub off pretty quickly and the texture is not as silky as their powder shadow) but the colors more than make up for it...

Infallible Lacquer Liner in Blackest Black, Navy, Expresso, Bronze and Dark Slate
Walgreens display of the Revitalift Triple power cream, serum and targeted treatment
True Match foundation with a bonus blush at the back
Eversleek Precious Oil Treatment - Everybody is doing this whole argan thing (Even Dove and Garnier have new serum like this).


  1. Booo I haven't been able to see the new ones at both my local CVS or walgreens :(

    1. The first display from ULTA and my local Walgreens (one that doesn't take 1 hr to get to)didn't stock it until two days ago. That's coming out from an insane drugstore stalker.

      Rest assured, it will be there (since CVS printed those new shades out in the flier a month ago).

  2. Ooh the eyeliner looks cool, now if only I can finish using all the eyeliners I currently own -_-


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