Friday, June 22, 2012

Button Up with Jade - More Maohua

A little break from all those spy cam posts -Three little pieces from my jade collection (Which frankly is more joy to haul compared to lip products, since they are small, substantial and don't wear out or depreciate).  They are all hat adornment ("Maohua" in Chinese)  from around Ming/ Qing dynasty and are made of light green nephrite.
A butterfly (Placed upside down because I like it this way)  that also looks like an alien with twin-sausage lips - With weaker (as in not directly under sun) light, this has a lovely matcha-like color (can you tell that I love the color green?)  and a really subdued luster.
Cherry Blossom - Which has some small chips (Which I don't mind) and some internal craze (that drives me crazy) - If it were in perfect condition, I might get it set in 18K gold to make a ring (or pendant) but currently I just like to collect them like marbles.

Double Layer plum blossom  - I might make a little knotted bracelet with this (Something that's called  friendship bracelets in US? Anyway, they are so overpriced in Urban Outfitters/Anthropologie)...
My new lemming - Spinach jade (green nephrite from Russia, which is usually more vibrant in tone and has less uneven internal texture) Buddha beads bracelets with amber accents, each has 108 beads (the number matters as it's also used for counting as people are reading the sutra).
They are from the Taobao seller Shiguangdekuijia, which is where I got my icy jelly fish and lavender mickey mouse (Wait...should I do the whole FTC thing if they are gifts from a personal friend, who is also a dealer?). As with most of her goodies - The two bracelets were wiped out as soon as they were shelved.

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