Saturday, May 05, 2012

Weekend Links - Early Summer Edition

In case you haven't seen the night sky today, the super moon is here again (For people in Asia it will be out on the 6th)!  I don't have enough random pictures for a Saturday Snaps (actually I do, but they are way too mating ducks) so here is a list of reading I found interesting. Maybe I will be able to put up another Sunday Stash Swatch if I push myself a little bit...
Interesting Contemporary Arts at a Farmers' Market

Chanel Riviere Illusion d'Ombre and more seafoam!

Barielle Swizzle Nail Polish (Need to hunt it down!)

Models Own Indian Ocean (Yes, I am on a teal kick)

Min Lee's Painted Porcelain (Here is her esty store)

Mikuni Yoshio's Illustration  Flower Song (or is it score?)

A news for classical music lovers - Mass-market record label Deutsche Grammophon signed another contract with Chinese celebrity Yundi Li, his upcoming CD (out this December) will include the three done-to-death Beethoven sonatas: Moonlight, Appasionata and Pathetique.
The notation in his score 1. Life, humanity and love. 2. Warm and faithful. 3. Clarity. 4. ...Apollo's Sunshine (I am serious, this is a blunt translation). In case you can't get enough of Prince(ss) Li, here is him performing Chopin's (his expertise) Heroic Polonaise during Hong Kong Film Award ceremony.

I miss the days when the yellow label actually meant something...

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