Monday, May 21, 2012

Milani Liquif Eyes Metallic Eyeliner in Silver

I picked up this Milani Liquif Eyes Metallic Eyeliner in Silver a while ago at CVS (clearance price, of course) and here is a short review: The pencil is smooth, budge-proof once dry (but if you put some effort rubbing it/have oily lids, it still comes off easily enough) and reasonably pigmented.
Compared to L'Oreal Silver Lightning, the Milani Silver is whiter, sheerer, flatter (generally not as metallic) but it still performs better than those colored liner from Wet n Wild, NYC and Prestige. At around the same price point, I think L'Oreal is a better choice for creamy colored pencil liners as it goes on sale (in CVS) more often and the the shades all seems to have richer tones.
Newish Milani releases - Eye Tech and Extreme Eye Tech Liquid Liner
 Shadow Eyes eyeshadow pencils (they even have a white one!) , which are 6.99 dollars a piece as CVS (The five-piece Urban Decay 24/7 pencils set are currently available at Nordstrom Racks for 11.97)

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  1. I been looking for some color cream pencils, I think the Milanis Liquif Eyes looks nice in you swatch but I have oily lids so maybe Ill go check out the Loreal one :)


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