Monday, May 14, 2012

Butterfly Lovers

I used to be really into silver accessories because they are rather affordable (for a "precious" metal) and never cause allergic reaction but I slowly grew out of them because...I just kept misplacing those earrings I have (I remember I must have around 20 pairs around 2007 and somehow they just all disappeared). Anyway, here are some pieces that I held up long enough to have taken the pictures.
Vintage butterfly filigree earrings (it came with tiny studs and chain that's not well proportioned)  that looks infinitely better on the bamboo branch than on my ears (somehow they just get covered if I put my hair down and make me look like a Chinese peasant girl if I put my hair up)...
An initial necklace (I think I got it six years ago) from American Eagles (the shorter length and thin chain makes it a great piece for layering) and a triple heart snake chain from TJ-maxx, the quality is so bad that not only it tarnish within weeks after purchasing, it also break into pieces not long after the picture was taken...  
A vintage flower brooch that goes with...nothing I own. Anyway, I sold it on eBay (losing a few bucks but it's refreshing getting rid of something that I never use).


  1. The earrings and brooch look so pretty! I love anything with a vintage feel to it lol.

  2. Butterfly Lovers is a beautiful song. I'm going to take a wild guess and say you got your post title from that song.

  3. Gio:
    I think I like the idea of vintage (good quality, timeless pieces that are passed through generations) but I actually prefer modern

    Yes, it was indeed from that piece. I almost posted a video of Goto Midori playing that violin concerto, but then I just reckon I am sick of the melody since elementary school. (Not many Chinese achieve popularity like this one, and when they do, they get covered to death in music books...)


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