Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Window Shopping - Liz Palacios Accessories

I always like to browse the costume jewelry section of Nordstrom Racks (because the rest of the store is usually difficult to navigate) and Liz Palacios is one of my favorite brands to look at, with their intricate, detailed, vintage-inspired design and all the sparkles from fancy glass Swarovski crystals.
I would's mind having the "diamond" one in the center (looks like it would be fun to photograph it), or the pear-shaped purple and gold chandelier (which looks really bohemian to me).  I wouldn't buy those though, since my piercing (which for some reasons never fully healed after all these years) can get sensitive sometimes.
 Ahh, the floral one is already missing a rhinestone...
 The only pair of Liz Palacios earrings I own (actually I misplaced it a long time ago.) - I had to replace the clip with a silver hook since my ears couldn't take the pain...
I would totally match this bracelet with a white chiffon dress (if it weren't a hundred bucks...)
A busier version of a similar design (this one doesn't look like it's properly glued)

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