Monday, April 02, 2012

Shiseido Integrate Jelly Rouge Lip Gloss in PK395

Say hello to (yet) another brain freeze purchase - Shiseido Integrate Jelly Rouge in PK395. Basically, the brand name makes me shudder (as it reminds me of my least favorite class of all time, Integral Calculus), I don't like the packaging and generally don't feel for the color pink...and I just somehow ended up with this gloss from Integrate (a drugstore brand of Shiseido that's a little more expensive than Majolica Majorca).
A main feature of Jelly Rouge (it has been around for quite a few years already) is the slanted applicator, which is made of the same type of gummy rubber as pacifier. It doesn't glide like a normal lipstick but at least it felt  (and that the gloss itself is) smooth and doesn't get thick or draggy.
Unlike most click-y glosses in the market, the Jelly Rouge has a design that allows you to control the amount that's floating out - Simply turn clockwise to release the gloss and counterclockwise to retract.
PK395 is a soft neutral pink (maybe with a tiny bit of warmth as it reminds me of Benefit Dandelion) with fleck-like shimmer (that's ended up looking like iridescent fish scale). It has a fluid (stays wet and never settles), non sticky texture and while it's by no means an opaque gloss, it shows well (although you can tell my natural lip color underneath is significantly redder) and gives off a milky pink look.
Shiseido Integrate Jelly Rouge PK395- I guess it's a pretty and very wearable soft pink but there is really nothing special about it (to worth the all the trouble order it online...and the fairly high unit price, as it's around 20 bucks). I will (try to) finish this up and save my money for the Majolica Majorca summer 2012 collection (Look at that purple pink gloss and the blush!) instead, when I am in the mood for Japanese cosmetics.


  1. I hear Integrate makes good eye shadows but have never come across one interesting enough to entice a purchase ^.^


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