Saturday, March 03, 2012

Tarte SmolderEYES Amazonian Clay Waterproof Liner Swatches

Tarte SmolderEYES Amazonian Clay Waterproof Liner is yet another jumbo-pencil eyeshadow/liner of the sort. As expected, they are rich, creamy (not sure if they are easy to blend since I wait for them to dry before taking picture) and budge-proof once dried. There might be some slight shade variation between brands but I seriously thought they all kind of look identical to each other...

P.S. can see the black and brown shades swatched half a year ago(as a filler) over here.


  1. Plum is gorgeous, I love it!

  2. plum, navy, and bronze are the best, so gorgeous!

  3. These tend to give me eye infections o_o I'm not sure why.


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