Monday, March 26, 2012

Milani Fast Dry Nail Lacquer Racy Green

Milani Nail Lacquer Racy Speed was a LE release in that High Speed Fast Dry One Coat formula - Which is actually making a lot of sense because it's fast dry if and only if you use one coat (3 coats are needed for full coverage and it stays squishy for at least 10 minutes).

Racy Green is an emerald green with so many fine silver shimmer that's almost metallic - Blue-green isn't necessary a flattering shade on me  (I prefer bluer teals)but I suppose I can still handle this...Anyway, a base coat in necessary (this stains too well) and a top coat is also recommended (it doesn't dry smooth).


  1. Shame it stains, the color is gorgeous!

  2. why oh why do they need to stain? I dislike that! Too bad the color is super pretty!


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