Saturday, March 24, 2012

Maybelline Highlighter, Kabuki Brush, Dream Bouncy and Powder Bronzer

So it looks like part of Maybelline summer 2012 makeup collection is here (there is no sign of LE so I am guessing they are new products added to the permanent line-up) in Walgreens.

Two shades of highlight in gold (called Ray of Glow) and Pink (didn't see the name) with dune-like pattern.
A kabuki brush (that looks seriously scratchy) and a cute bronzer with golden strip in the middle. I kind of want to try it although I am not sure why would I need any bronzer (as if I don't tan easily enough).
Two shades of Dream Bouncy bronzer (they look like coffee flavored macarons!), which is another tempting item (even though I don't like how slippery the dream bouncy blush feels on my face). Cool one, Maybelline!

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