Monday, March 26, 2012

Charmed - Another Way to Wear Jade

One of the joys of being Asian, aside from having great food and smaller frame (so we get called "Oh, you are so skinny" even though we are considered borderline obese in our home country), is that we get to buy and use a bunch of cute ( useless, of course) stuff to adorn our everyday objects, never worrying about being called "immature".
Cellphone charm is one of those things, it doesn't do much except for helping the thieves locating your phone (as it's hanging out of your pocket) . The sheer uselessness was not going to stop me from making one, since I was in the mood of de-cluterring some of the loose beads I have and (more importantly) taking pictures with the pretty bamboo as background.
For the phone charm (it could be used on any object with a small hole), I used red coral beads (dyed ones, since it's cheap), green serpentine, white jade pendant and two carnelian beads. Putting them was simple (but it would be hard to explain) as I only used flat knot and snake knot. 

While we are still on the topic of cell phone, here is a funny clip made by Chinese pianist Peng Peng Gong, illustrating the Six Most Sinful Cellphone + Symphony encounters.

Another funny one of his masterpieces is the Universal Piano Audition Warm-up Score

P.S. I generally hate child prodigies (they make me want to "Take a time machine to the past and beat the **** out of my kiddy self", to quote a friend of a friend) but I guess he is old enough...And that comedic genius is always appreciated in the world of classical music (That's why I am pro-Lang Lang even though I don't really like his playing that much). 

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