Thursday, February 16, 2012

Sally Hansen Hard as Nail, Lip Care, Hand and Foot Cream

 Spotted at Walgreens, new shades of Sally Hansen Hard as Nail polish are added to the line-up.
(The display at another branch) Look! there is a taupe one (that looks too light and gray for my liking).
Lip line relaxer, lip recovery, shimmer plumping balm and lip definer. I always liked (before they discontinued all the good stuff)  Sally Hansen lip products so I might give these a try if they go on sale.
Firming Hand Creme, Nail & Cuticle creme, ultimate shield hand creme each retails for 6.99 dollars.
Revitalizing Foot Soak, Pumice Foot Polish and Moisturizing Foot Creme, $7.49 each.
 Softening Callus Foot Spray, Intensive Callus softener, Cracked Heel Repair Cream, Overnight Heel Repair cream, each retails for $8.99.


  1. Hmm, I really like some of these polish shades... *must resist* :)

  2. Just bought the Lip Shimmer Plumping Balm and the Day Repair, yesterday... I'll do a full Review on my Blogger sometime soon...

    I do like them so far though.


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