Saturday, February 04, 2012

NYX Xtreme Lip Cream Swatches and Boudoir Mascara Collection

Spotted at ULTA, NYX Xtreme Lip Cream is a "lip gloss, lipstick and lip stain in one with intense pigmentation". There are 11 shades in the range and I managed to play with the testers a bit.
Swatches of NYX Xtreme Lip Cream - Picture taken with flash so there is a weird glare. I forgot to swatch the Absolute Red, which seems to be a blue-toned red. These lip creams are scent-free (I could be wrong since my nose has been stuffy for the past few days), bold and smooth to the touch, texture wise they feel like a creamier version of Milani Creme Brulip Color Gloss. So far, I am liking buttery nude and Bonfire.

Beside the new lip color, NYX also released Boudoir Mascara Collection featuring 7 different formulas. Testers are available but I didn't see what the point is (swatching on hand is as helpful as having lip swatch for eyeliner./It's way unhygienic for people to actually try them on their lashes). 


  1. You sweet swatching goddess! So I need...all of them...

  2. They look so pigmented, thanks for all the swatches. :) x

  3. Replies
    1. I suppose they are new for this spring, since I have only seen them from bigger blogs (who got PR sample) starting late 2011.

  4. Very drool-worthy! Thanks for the swatches!

  5. Thanks for swatching! I really love Candy land!
    Catanya Catanyasthings

  6. I picked up a ton of these a few weekends ago on Ulta. I love them, they are much better then those matte creams they came out awhile ago. There is no scent and the color payoff is great. Have you seen the NYX cream stick blushes? I ordered a few off Ulta's website.

    1. I have seen the press release on a blog but I am not too interested since cream product don't last as long (yes I like my makeup collection to pile on and clutter my room...)but I will see how other people review it. I will definitely pick one up if they have an orange one.

    2. So, I've been playing around with them and they are almost identical to the NYC blush sticks. Nothing to rush out and get them, but since its obvious I have a SICK SICK addiction, I had to get them...LOL!


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