Saturday, February 11, 2012

Milani Illuminating Face Powder, Jewel FX and One Coat Glitter

You have probably seen it it many other blogs already - Milani Illuminating Face Powder (something like a blush, highlighter and bronzer in one)  Finally landed in my CVS.
There are only two shades in this display - Amber Nectar and Hermosa Rose - Without a useless cavity beneath the powder, the compact is still rather clunky.
There is also a new display for their specialty nail lacquer with different glitter.
Jewel FX specialty nail glitter in Red, Gold and Silver (looks like PIA to remove)
One Coat Glitter in Red Sparkle, Gold Glitz and Silver Dazzle


  1. The powders look so pretty!

  2. ooohh...this is so going on my shopping list this year!!!!

  3. I thought it was kind of weird that CVS only had two colors, especially since the one color I wanted they didn't have. I was able to pick it up at H-E-B over the weekend and they even had a 1.50 off all milani products, so I stocked up on a ton of their new stuff for 2012.

    1. That's great time to pick up their cheaper products (like lip gloss/lipstick), I only "stock up" during clearance lol.


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