Friday, February 03, 2012

Katy Perry False Lashes by Eylure

Spotted at ULTA, a (pretty big) Katy Perry false eyelashes collection by Eylure. I have never paid much attention to her news/pictures before but her hands are actually quite pretty (no wonder she did a collection with OPI). The lashes are alright for me (since I never learned how to apply them properly), I might be more interested if there is a push-up bra collection named after her...


  1. LOL! Push up bra! XD I understand why...Same here...
    The lashes look rather nice. The bottom ones look a little too thick for me judging from the photo, but I bet they'd be nice for some occasions.

  2. Wow...I'm interested to see the lashes. And hee. Push up~

  3. she is actually a good singer too. :) i never learned how to apply false eyelashes right either.

  4. Since I pretty much love her to pieces, I am going to get some of these for sure!!


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