Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Hello Kitty Blotting Sheet and New NYC Lip Gloss, Lipstick

A few drugstore spy cam pictures taken over the weekend.
First there is this insanely adorable limited edition Clean & Clear Hello Kitty blotting paper (spotted at Target) . I am not sure what the inside looks like but I will probably get one just for the LE factor (even though there is no oil to blot)...
NYC City Duet Lip Color at CVS, I like how 430 The Rock A Fellas looks but I am afraid that it will turn out garish (like Wet n Wild). Anyway, I guess I don't need another coral in my stash...
Cityproof Lip Gloss - Perpetually Hot Pink and Cherry Ever After are the two I like, but do I need them?
Not-so-new revamped Kiss Gloss - I still haven't finish the two I have but I will gladly repurchase if they release a green one for this summer.
Lastly, Schick Hydro Silk razor because...I took the picture so I might as well post it up.


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