Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Wet n Wild Spring 2012 Makeup Collection

The Wet n Wild spring 2012 makeup collection just made it in my local Walgreens and it seems rather interesting (because of the lip and nail products).
First, there are three shades of (ginormous) Coloricon bronzer. Is the last one designed for vampire (since it looks positively pasty to me)?
The juicy lip balm are actually re-release. Megashield lip color are lipstick with SPF 15, it says 2.99 dollars on the display but when I got (the only non-frosty shade) one today, it rang up as 2 dollars (not sure if it's sale or regular price, but anyway. There is also a coupon attached that will save you another dollar).
New megalast nail polish (is that a cream taupe I am looking at?) with quite a bit of cream to chose from.  I love the old mega last formula so I will certainly give these a try.


  1. ooh, it's all gorgeous! how am i gonna choose?

  2. Haha I love the imagery of a pale vampire lady going in to buy a pale bronzer to give her that 'sun kissed' glow. Looking forward to your review of the lip color!

  3. That can't be a bronzer, it must be a highlight??? But it's in bronzer packaging...oh well.

    I'm loving some of those new nail polish shades but will wait for some reviews. I'd hate to find out they are sheer like so many of those quick dry ones were.

  4. You have to check out the lipsticks from this collection! Very pigmented & matte. They're similar to the lipsticks from MAC's newest collection. I picked up 2 lipsticks & 2 polishes. I had opaque coverage with 2 coats of the polish & it hasn't chipped 2 days later. I plan on getting more colors!

  5. for some reason, the model makes this stuff look Christmas-y...

  6. haha, i bet that light bronzer would be darker than me possibly. But maybe it's supposed to be a highlighter?

    They don't have this collection here yet, I'm sad. I really want the new dollhouse matte lipstick.


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