Monday, January 09, 2012

Sula Paint and Peel Nail Color with Lasting Love Top Coat

Sula Paint and Peel now has a double sided version with a clear top coat called Lasting Love (and less polish...). Actually I have seen this on their Canadian website a few months ago but the duo just made it in ULTA. I am guessing this is 8 dollars a piece like the rest of their makeup line.

Also spotted at ULTA- new shades for Rimmel Stay Matte pressed powder. To me it just seems like they put bronzer and powder together and call it "new". I guess the improvement/revamping is not that noticeable.


  1. ugh,8 bucks for something that'll probably just mess up your cuticles as you struggle to scrape it off? i'm guessing it'll be better WITH remover...>:(

  2. but after all, you make it look so amazing in your photos...seriously, HOW do you do that? :I

  3. Athena:
    I have two bottles of their older version paint and peel (without top coat) and the formula actually peels off easily without much harm on the nailbeds. But I do get tip wear very quickly (like within an hour) with my typing habits (my finger tips are usually perpendicular to the keys).

    As for the pictures, I guess practice makes perfect (I have taken a few thousands pictures for the blog this past four years). Good lighting and a steady hand also help.

  4. oh, good to know. thanks for the tips!

  5. That Stay Matte powder isn't bad, really, but the container sucks. Because the lid just slides on/off you can't travel with it. It will open up in your purse or train case and make a giant mess. So I just use it for finishing powder at home. They should have revamped the container, but it looks the same to me.


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