Sunday, January 08, 2012

Salon Graphix and Organix Hair Care Products

New sulfate-free hair products spotted at CVS- What caught my eyes was the green label "If you like WEN you will love Salon Graphix"... Urgh, but what is WEN again? The Chinese surname?
Organix (the pseudo-natural brand) also released new scent/flavors like awapuhi ginger and macadamia oil and added Blow-Out cream, Curl-defining cream and hair serum with the blue Moroccan Argan oil packaging.  Since argan oil is on the very back of ingredient list, I doubt it will make some tangible nourishment. 


  1. Oh I LOVE the Organix shampoos and conditioners!!! Their vanilla smells like icing! :D

  2. LOL that was exactly my thought when I saw the tag - what the heck is WEN? who?!?


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