Thursday, January 12, 2012

Sally Hansen Moisture Twist and Essie Go Overboard

Sally Hansen Moisture Twist is marketed as a 2-in-1 primer and color (so now we need primer for lip as well?) , I think it would make more sense if they just call it a long-lasting glossy lip color.
In the other hand, the new Salon Manicure shades are quite pretty (look at that purple-gray on the left!) .

Essie also has a new collection (it seems to be new shades instead of LE) up called Go Overboard but the collection is actually not that bright at all.  Anyway, I do like the coral-red cream on the right.


  1. i used to looooove sally hansen lipgloss! i will have to look out for those!!

  2. Thank you for the preview of these!! I still never got the LuxeEffects collection around here. :(

  3. like the essies. oh, and, how long did it take your widget to load on your blog and how many stories did you have?

    1. When I got it (I think back in mid-2010) I had around 600-700 posts so it took the widget more than a day to start showing posts that are actually related to each other. But I guess it works differently now that their user base are so much bigger and it requires more servers. At least the widget didn't work at all on my blog from August 2011 to early this year.


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