Wednesday, January 11, 2012

NYC Cheek Glow Powder Blush in Riverside Rose

NYC Cheek Glow Powder Blush in Riverside Rose was introduced early 2011 and promptly discontinued by the end of the year. At the clearance price tag of 75 cents, it seemed harmless to try at the time of purchase (now I wish I bought a bottle of soda instead). Basically, it's 8.1 grams of firmly pressed powder blush with a decent, fine texture and an utterly useless brush. The shade Riverside Rose looks like a lighter-than-medium dusty peach with a touch of rose, a supposedly foolproof and universally flattering shade.

While it looks promising in the pan, the blush barely shows up. I either get close to zero color on a bare cheek or a slightly grayish rose flush when it's applied on a dampened (Garnier moisturizer is too dewy for normal Texan weather)skin. Beside complain about it in this blog, I found absolutely no use for a product like this. 

I guess...straight to the garbage it went?


  1. Aw sorry the blush was a bust but at least it was only 75 cents.

  2. Thanks for the info - at least it was cheap!

  3. That sucks that it didn't show up. The colour in the pan looked so promising!

  4. looks pretty in the least it was cheap.

  5. I hate when that happens. C'mon, these days even the cheapest makeup companies are stepping up their game, so there should be no excuse for low/no pigment products.

  6. I have a wine coloured one, and it's useless as well, it's ridiculous. Mine was around 4$.


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