Thursday, January 05, 2012

New Displays from Cetaphil and some Makeup Brushes

More from Walgreens sighting- Revlon heart and flower shaped CrazyShine nail buffer, Box o' File and Colorstay Nail Polish, which turns out to cost 8 dollars...What is the point of drugstore polish again when it's as expensive as other Salon brands like OPI, Chi and Zoya?
Cetaphil came out a DermaControl range targeting acne-prone skin, with oil control foam wash and moisturizer.  
London SOHO Newyork (wait, I thought SoHo is part of New York...) makeup brushes that feel OK soft (reads: Kind of scratchy for synthetic brushes, if I am not mistaken), rather flimsy and light. Overall, it feels like a cheap (the price isn't though) knock-off of Sonia Kashuk brushes with the black squiggly brush handles.


  1. Oh I have to research the new Cetaphil line, their gentle cleanser was been a staple on my bathroom counter for years! Excited this line specially targets acne prone skin.

  2. Yay Cetaphil finally came out with an acne line, can't wait to try the moisturizer and facial wash :)

  3. There is a Soho in London too, the New York one was named after it while also meaning SOuth of HOuston. Can't say I'm too interested in these brushes even if they are named after trendy areas of London and NYC. lol


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