Monday, January 09, 2012

Milani Krackle, One-Coat Glitter and Sally Hansen Valentine Nail Polish Strips

After a few months, Milani Krackle overcoat *yawns* finally made it to CVS, along with several shade of one coat glitter.
While they are not completely flat, the one-coat glitter still seem to lack textural/shade variety...
A brand new display filled with existing products (Maybelline does it all the time so I am not surprised) - this case, it's all black eyeliners. Anyway, Milani will be on a BOGO sale two weeks from now for those of you who like the brand ( I need to pick up more of their Mineral blushes...not the baked one).
For Valentine's day, Sally Hansen just released a set of five nail polish strips in different lovey-dovey prints. Target's website has a 1-dollar off coupon for those but I guess a drugstore sale would give you a slightly better deal. 


  1. i have two of those crackle polishes but they're not by milani.='

  2. Oooooo when and where is this Milani BOGO sale? I do love that Liquif'eye pencil but already have a backup. I'll get a backup of the brown though and either another blush or some nail polish or both. lol I agree, Milani missed the boat on the crackle craze. I think most people are all, "stick a fork in it, it's done" when it comes to them now.


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