Saturday, January 28, 2012

Milani Color Play Nail Polish and Runway Wet n Dry Eyeshadow

New display spotted at CVS: Six shades of Milani Color Play Nail Polish
Tip Toe Pink, Orchidia (want!) and Mint Candy (want!)
Beach Front, Silver Stilettos and Sail Away (it looks like a glistening night sky!) 
Three Runway Wet Dry eyeshadow in Antigua (is that a greenish taupe?), Golden Touch and Peaches n Cream


  1. ooh, i like the looks (and the name) of antiqua. :)

  2. Did you see their new face powders pretty!!

    1. I saw it on other people's blog and it reminds me of the flower power powder from Essence's collection last spring, any way, it was totally swoon-worthy but seeing how scary their normal price range is (a lipstick costs from 7 to 10 dollars at CVS) I am not sure if I want to spend more than 10 bucks on a drugstore cheek product. I mean, at least physicians formula gives back extra bucks...

    2. Well I only bought them because I had CVS bucks and I am a little disappointed. Its really pretty, but on my skin color it does NOTHING!! Also at my CVS I saw another display with glitter polishes, there was a really pretty red.

  3. Mint Candy and Beach Front both look pretty cool - but they would probably make my fingers look really dead :)


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