Saturday, January 07, 2012

Merlot Grape Seed Oil

I consider myself a (kind of) rational shopper since I only usually shell out money when the "toys" are cheap enough. But once in a while, my brain would just short-circuit as I am wondering around the drugstore isles (luckily, it happens less and less often as I am older), the direct product of a short-circuit moment would be something totally unnecessary, with a not-even-dirt-cheap price. Something like this...
Merlot 100% pure grape seed oil (8 bucks for 50ml...not a great deal even when I got it half off) is not too different from(more like exactly the same thing as) those big bottled grape seed cooking oil available at Walmart (which retail for a much much lower unit price). In fact, the Merlot version feels and smell a lot more like cooking oil than their Walmart counterpart (which has a fresh aroma). On the bottle, it says that the oil absorbs quickly and can be used on cuticle, hair ends and on skin as a moisturizer. I mainly use it on my face as I have intact cuticle (from not messing with them that often) and that I can't manage to use little enough to not turning myself into Severus Snape.

As a face oil it does a great job removing wax based mascara (of course, I expect nothing less consider how much it fogs my vision) but I didn't get much pore-purging as a overall face cleanser.  Anyway, I love it as a facial moisturizer though, since it's pretty effective getting rid of the dry flakes and helping to heal and fade my acne scars.

Overall: I like it (even though it's not as light as Oshima Tsubaki oil and tends to leave a greasy film on the bottle)during the drier months but I guess I will get my refill at the grocery store instead, at least I will have some left-over to fry eggs...


  1. Lol! I like DHC Olive oil - smells like lemon!

  2. I've finally jumped and purchased a body oil. I'll probably go with a face one next for moisturizing and makeup removal. I don't like the notion of this one smelling like cooking oil though >w<;;

  3. I have the exact same bottle of grapeseed oil from Walgreens! I also use it on dry areas on my face, but sometimes I add a drop of essential oil (usually lavender or jasmine) to a small handful of grapeseed oil and smooth it over my body for a natural perfume! I like most people use jojoba oil as their carrier oil for applying essential oils, but I like grapeseed because there isn't a super strong scent. :)

  4. I've been using jojoba oil as a facial moisturizer at night, but I think I'm going to try a grocery store version of the grapeseed oil, thanks! :)


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