Saturday, January 21, 2012

L'Oreal Infallible Never Fail Lip Collection

Spotted at ULTA, a new L'Oreal display full of lip products called Infallible Never Fail Lip Collection.
The Infallible Le Gloss are mostly shimmery with the exception of Red Fatale, Sangria and Barely Nude. The shade selection are a little too dull for my liking but the lipsticks are right up my alley.
Five new shades of Infallible Lip Colour - Fearless Fuchsia, Red Fatale, Coral Seduction, Blushing Rose and Summer Rose. I wonder how pretty the fuchsia one is since I already love the other four (I rarely pay attention to L'Oreal since they are so expensive but the packaging seems well-made as well). 


  1. fearless fuchsia is gorgeous, i found out, by a google search!

  2. what is the pinkish-oranegy gloss next to the end called?

    1. Suede, though it looks gold according to my monitor.

      Anyway, the glosses shades from left to right are Bloom, Pink Topaz, Glistening Berry, Red Fatale, Cherry Flash, Sangria, Suede and Barely Nude.

  3. oops! shoulda been more specific...i meant the pink towards the left end...the pink topaz!

  4. Can I just say I in LOVE with Coral Seduction. Its like a matte orange and its amazing!!


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