Friday, January 27, 2012

Essence Makeup and Nail Polish for Spring 2012 (Pic Heavy)

Spotted at ULTA, the Essence makeup display is just shelved with  loads of new products for spring 2012 (of course if you are in Europe, these are not so new): Mini Lipgloss Set, Stay All Day Cream eyeshadow (no taupe) and a new flat tapered eyeshadow brush designed for the cream shadow.
  A few new shades for Essence Eyeshadow Singles

Quattro Eyeshadow (the green is just renamed into Wood you...I forgot the name), I only remember the one one upper right is called something Ice Cream and the blue quad is Denim 4.0
An eyecatching one called Over the Taupe - I have tried a palette from this range (didn't review since it belongs to my friend) and the texture actually seems a little chalky.
Sun Club Glamour to Go eyeshadow palette/octet
Long lasting eye pencils and gel eyeliner (they replaced the purple with a medium silver)
Liquid Eyeliner in normal and waterproof formula
Essence Colour and Go quick drying nail polishes
Shades of blue and purple
XXXL Shine Lipgloss - Sparkling Papaya is such a cute name!
Tint It! Colour Changing Lipgloss - A re-release from last spring's Whooom Booom collection
Two new shades of Stay with Me longlasting lip glosses are added - A pale nude cool rose with golden shimmer and a sparkling magenta.
Several new Essence lipsticks are being added but I only saw two new testers : Frosted (a pale frosty pink) and Coralize Me (sheer medium coral with silver shimmer). The new shades seems to have a better, less Play-don like scent.
A big fluffy powder blush and mineral compact powder (I forgot to take pictures of the ginormous bronzer but they are 3.99 dollars a piece and are embossed with woman's silhouettes) 
An adorable pink slanted blush brush and Silky touch blush (I have review the peachy one), the blush and powder brushes have been reviewed by Parokeets(A great reference site for Essence Cosmetics. Another great one is Lusterco Em) .  They have discontinued the strip-y blushes (for good) since I have heard that they are not very pigmented.

Ok, that's about it. I left out the pictures for mascara since it came out very blurry. At first I was interested in quite a few items (the brushes) but now I actually can't think of anything I really really want to try (Maybe the one more Stay with Me lipgloss?) . What about you guys? Did you see anything interesting?


  1. wow, beautiful stuff! i can't wait to see if they have these at my walgreens!

    1. Essence is only available at mass grocery store and ULTA at this moment so you might not see them in your Walgreens.

  2. Meeeh. Nothing that caught my eye a whole bunch. Still it's a brand that's done me well for most of my life so I might give something a try.

  3. I've still yet to try Essence products despite its inexpensive price, most of their products are not that intriguing to me, maybe I'll try their cream eyeliner that I hear is very good

  4. Hi, can u tell me the name of the name of the light green eyeshadow from the second picture? i've been looking for such a colour for so long, hope this one comes to Bulgaria unlike the recent limited editions by Essence.

    1. All I know is that the shade is numbered 69 on the display, as I didn't have time look at the bottom of each eyeshadow.


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