Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Dangling Snow Pears

Just another pair of DIY earrings I made for a friend (a super duper late holidays present...I hope she doesn't get too mad), pictures taken for archiving purposes. Anyway, this pair was made of sterling hooks, metallic brown glass beads, nylon thread, faceted yellow quartz and two little around garnet beads at the back. This took a little more time than my last DIY project and it's harder to explain (so I am just not going to bother).
Anyway, the soft-to-medium color of the yellow quartz reminds me of snow pears (that's crisp, refreshing and just-sweet-enough) that also commonly used to cook some sweet drink. Chinese like to slow-cook the sliced pears with rock candy, dried dates, lotus (or lily) seeds and gogi berries with water, to make a drink/dessert that's great for sore throat.


  1. Too adorable! They look exactly like juicy pears!

  2. Wow, you make jewellery too?? Wonderful!!! ^-^

  3. Such a lovely pair of earrings! I'm sure she's gonna love them. :]


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