Thursday, January 19, 2012

Burt's Bees Cuticle Cream Rejuvenating Lip Balm with Acai Berry

Burt's Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream is a product I have been loving and repurchased for quite a few times. Thanks to the thick creamy texture and wholesome/zesty scent, it's rather effective at moisturizing my cuticle while giving me a good mood/zesty boost. Anyway, this particular product was repackaged (more like repainted in an more environmentally-friendly way) back in early 2010 and had a minor name change from "Cuticle Creme" to "Cuticle Cream". I finally get to try the new and seemly reformulated version after a post-Christmas promotion.

The new cuticle cream has a sharper note that's reminiscent of Pledge furniture polish (I like that stuff but not on me) and a harder texture that seems to melt upon contact like soy candle (instead of smoothing out like a thick cream). The new thinner formula gets absorbed pretty quickly, leaving a sheer layer of waxy sheen, minimal stickiness and zero visible effect. I guess it could be quite handy for daytime uses but I much prefer the old formula, and the idea of rubbing a thick cream over my finger tips at the end of the day - Going to sleep with the yummy smell - Waking up with shinier nails and healthier-looking cuticles.
The Rejuvenating Lip Balm with Acai Berry is a new member in Burt's Bees growing lip balm family. I don't get how it's 100% natural since it smells exactly like those overly-saccharine pink bubble gum (one of the most unwanted Trick-or-Treat candies) but I guess it's tolerable (because I always ate all of those candies anyway). 

The particular formula has a slightly more transparent stick, squishier texture and it gives an easier glide compared to the original chapstick as it has sunflower and coconut oils as the top ingredient (instead of beewax). Acai berry oil comes right before ammonium glycyrrhizate (a chemical for flavoring and skin conditioning, I suppose the concentration is low enough for the lip balm to still be called 100% natural), which might indicate the how low the concentration/ little effect it might have.  Anyway, the balm coats up lips evenly and gives a little bit of soothing when they are windblown but the effect can be easily beaten but a 1-dollar chapstick from Blitex.

Overall: The cuticle cream is ineffective to me and the lip balm was alright (nothing special) and I will definitely not repurchase due to its annoying scent. According to their web page, there is a new scent/formula with Pink Grape Fruit that I kind of want to try (then I just realized that it's basically the same formula as this lip balm with grape fruit oil instead of acai berry oil)...


  1. I have an old tin of the BB as well, I didn't know they changed the formula. ^^ I also liked applying it at night and walking up with pretty nails but I guess I will be skipping it since they changed the formula.

  2. I love Burts Bees products - but mainly the lip balms.

  3. I own the cuticle cream and it seems too waxy to moisturize my cuticles, I've just been using this lemony flutter one from Lush. Still have yet to try the other Burt's Bees lip balms, but I have too many right now -_-

  4. Darn. I've read mixed results about the cuticle cream but it means more to me when I read the reviews on blogs I follow. I also saw the pomegranate but I've sworn never to stray from my carmex again.


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