Monday, December 26, 2011

Revlon Just Tinted Nail Enamel in Victorian

Revlon Just Tinted Nail Enamel was a summer 2011 release of several semi-opaque shades for a subtle-tinted effect. Completely ignoring the frosted bottle, I was under the impression that the line would be a cheap alternative to those more expensive jellies from Essie and OPI . Anyway, it turns out to be semi-opaque (as you can never build to a full intensity) that dries matte. With one or two layers, it looks like a draw-on marker with a weird waxy sheen.With more layers, I get a enough-to-be-called-jelly thickness, a decent amount of color and a rubberized finish (that looks strange with the semi-opaque color). I don't think I like the effect by itself but I suppose you can transform it to a true jelly with a bit of clear top-coat.
 Revlon Just Tinted Nail Enamel in Victorian - A bright semi-opaque pink
Close up of Victorian -  After about four layers applied gunked on. As expected, this took forever to dry.


  1. That really sucks that the formula was no good, as this polish looks beautiful!!

  2. How tempting it looks in the bottle :( but out of bottle image isn't working!!

  3. :( That's too bad about the formula because honestly? I love this color.


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