Sunday, December 18, 2011

Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips Cream Gel Eyeliner

Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips Custom Eye Enhancing Gel Cream Liner in Glam Green Eyes is currently on clearance for 2.75 dollars at CVS, I reckon I might as well be timely (for once) on the review so that it can help you deciding if this is worth get (or not!).  Anyway, the product contains three little pot of gel cream liners, each containing 2g of products, housed in three jars stacking together. PF called it a stack-able design but that's if and only if you follow the exact shade order it came with, as you can neither arrange the shades or connect it with another trio.

The Glam Green Eyes trio contains a shimmery (it's actually small glitters once applied) dusty lilac, shimmery pewter with moss green undertone and a black with (slightly smaller) silver micro glitters. Gel-Cream seems to be a decent description for the texture, as it's soft, smooth without being too thick or sticky. The trio also comes with a clear-handled liner brush with tapered, duck-beak tip but it's frayed and only seems to be suitable for applying very thick stroke (or a fine but messy one).
The dusty lilac and shimmering pewter are the main reason I got the palette, as they look like something form a high-end eyeshadow collection (that I am too cheap to buy) . Unfortunately the two lighter shades both go on very thin with one swipe, leaving a pathetic film of color and lots of glitter hanging there ...After 3 layers, I get a true-to-color stroke that cakes almost immediately on lids, with an added bonus of cracks and glitter falling into my eyes. The black was a lot more user-friendly, being smooth and intense (the glitters don't show that well so it's not too different from a plain black) but I needed to make sure I am not over-spread (or the caking happens again) .

Overall: The colors are beautiful but the texture just reminds me of the very reason I stopped bothering with eyeliner. Consider how often Physicians Formula is going on sale in CVS (5 extra bucks with 10-dollar purchase, this and next week!) , the price is not that good either...


  1. Aw sorry the colors you wanted didn't show up very much. I love the new blog layout and Christmas gif, so cute!

  2. This looked promising - like Bobbi Brown cream shadows - I think I'll stick with BB!

  3. I'm sorry you had such a bad experience with this one. I loooove the Physicians Formula cream eyeliner trios, and the brush is probably my favorite ever for applying cream eyeliner. I have the brown and blue regular trios, and also the glam brown trio.

  4. This sounds like a big disappointment. Luckily you didn't spend too much on it! Thanks for the review!


  5. I just picked up one of these for hazel eyes, I'm veru curious as to how they work out! I've heard a lot of good things :)

  6. WUT?!? I paid $10 for mine!!! No fair!!! ^.^ I'm glad you tried yours, though too bad you don't like them. I do love that blue green pewter and the black. The lilac is meh.

  7. I have the one for brown eyes but haven't used it much 'cos gel liner is too much work now (cleaning the brush-wise), what type of eyeliner do you usually use?

  8. Kalmo:
    Welcome back to blogosphere! I guess I will keep the background for quite a while since so many people like it.

    I wish there are some similar shade in the upcoming L'oreal cream shadow...

    Since we have different lid space (my is much narrower and hooded) so my "thick" line equals to your normal line.

    I am pretty sure it will work so much better on you. Things (that are meant for opaque coverage) generally cake on me...

    I kind of like the black but my hand has become so much shakier since I haven't use any eyeliner for a year.

    Back in the days when I bothered, I usually used a dark shadow and a flat liner and apply them as tight liner. Right now, I have been liking the physicians formula eye booster line with very fine brush tip, also applied as tight liner (or other wise it smudges too quickly). Anyway, I like it mainly because the lash serum part actually works (the liner is decent, not amazing).

    Most of the time I am just too lazy to put on eyeliner (so that I don't have to do an extra step in the evening to remove it).

  9. pretty intense-like it.



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