Sunday, December 04, 2011

Nicole by OPI Icycolor Gift Set and Target Bling Bling Makeup Brushes

Oh yeah, another nail polish spy cam post...Anyway, I just saw these Nicole by OPI Icycolor gift set at ULTA, I have a feeling that these mini chrome would become pretty gooey after a few uses.
The heavily (and gaudily) decorated brushes are from Target, the bigger face brushes are 4.99 dollars a piece. I looked at the bristle closely and the all seems quite sparse and scratchy.
The smaller brushes and nail file retails for 3.99 bucks, which is still a little expensive consider how cheap they look.


  1. I love metallic nail polishes and mini sizes! You're probably right, they look like they'd get gooey.

  2. Target would be heaven for me!


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