Thursday, December 01, 2011

New Shades (and Face) for Revlon Nail Enamel Range

Just spotted a new Revlon Nail Enamel display at Walgreens, with 20 "new" shades and the new face Olivia Wilde, who is wearing the Kermit green called Posh. At a glance, I have already spotted two familiar shades: Facet of Fuchsia re-released as Scandalous and Perplex (the Chanel Paradoxal dupe)resurfacing as Naughty.


  1. I haven't seen those before!..need to check them out.. i do hope that they are better than some from the regular line..

  2. Oooh I missed out on Perplex so I'll keep a look out for these. Thanks!

  3. Ooh! Great find!! Will see if I can get my hands on Scandalous and Naughty this time (ironic choice of names...heh.)

  4. I'm glad they are re-releasing those colours!! I wouldn't mind picking them up!


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