Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Kiko Luxurious Eyeshadow Palette Moscow Chic Peach

Kiko Luxurious Eyeshadow Palette was one of the prizes from Birkie's Chinese New Year giveaway (back in February). The Italian mid-range with a pretty good reputation is hard to come by in the US so I was pretty happy to try it out.

Moscow Chic Peach was part of a fall 2010 release called Siberian Flower- all with weighty-enough, mirrored compacts adored with Swarovski Crystal. This particular palette features cool neutral with some peachy accents. An usable sponge-smudge end applicator is included but I prefer to use my own brush anyway. 
A closer look at the five Kiko shadow shades:  I didn't expect to like it but the Satin Matte Brownish Charcoal (with a touch of purple undertone and some small shimmer flecks poking around )  really surprised me with its smooth, silky texture. It's not only smooth enough to be blended around, the high pigmentation also allows it to be used as a fine liner. It's harder to make matte shadow (the mica in shimmery shadows doubles up as a smoothing agent/filler) and Kiko certainly did a great job. 
Gray Taupe with Silver Shimmer was another shade I like, it's quite smooth and pigmented as expected. The Shimmery Brownish Plum  looks just like bruise on my lids so I will just leave it alone before I find a way to wear it. The Soft Matte Yellowish Peach (with silver micro-glitter) is another surprisingly wearable shade, when allover the lid, it cancels out the darkness/purple around my eyes and leaves just a hit of warmth. The Peachy Off-White is a little bland but I guess we all need a light shimmery highlighter in a palette?

Overall: Beside the texture, colors and pigmentation. I really like that they give a little variety on the finishes (instead of just throwing you a glitter bomb like most palettes out there).


  1. The packaging of this palette is gorgeous! :) The shades are also really workable. Thanks for the review!

  2. Wow, this is such a lovely compact! Great colours, too!


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