Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Covergirl Blast Flipstick Lip Color Duo, Tone Rehab Foudation, 24HR Mascara & Eyeliner

Sofia Vergara (I didn't even recognize her until I saw the name) became the new Covergirl, modelling the new Blast Flipstick duo sided lip color. 
A different and cooler display from CVS, featuring an equally unfamiliar Sofia Vergara. Why bother hiring a celebrity when you are photoshopping her face to death beyond recognition anyway? Now she just looks like a random white girl (as in I cannot tell she is Latina) in her..20s (I guess that's the point?).
Tone rehab 2-in-1 foundation looks like the summer 2011 Revlon DNA advantage one (actually I saw a pressed compact powder version of the Revlon DNA makeup, didn't take any picture since the sales associate was right next to me).
Anti-Smudge mascara and smooth glide liner (I guess marker-liner are really popular now?), I like the original Covergirl Lashblast so I might give this a try (though I don't care about the 24hr claim) when it becomes cheap enough.


  1. For a while I was loving the tokidoki felt-tipped liner... but I did go back to regular ol' liquid liner (WnW).

    I'm confused. Is the lippy pictured blended out?

    (Alright, this comment sounds like spam. Me = braindead haha)

  2. I think the lipstick is meant to be worn in different way, layer on top of each other, blended out or use one color at certain parts. Anyway, I am too lazy for any of those choices beside the wearing each shade alone.

  3. Agreed. You expect me to blend two colours togethers?! Haha well it's a nice effort I guess, but the beauty industry seems DEAD. (Or maybe I'm just tired of it.)

  4. I've tried the 24hr mascara and it was the hardest mascara to take off that I've ever tried, to the point where I don't ever want to put it on again!

  5. the flipsticks might be cool-i'd give them a maybe,but your photos are amazing as always.

  6. Girl, did you seriously just say that? When you say "I cannot tell she is Latina," it's as if Latinas are supposed to look a certain way. I hope you realize that Latinos/as are constantly and easily confused for white/black/mixed/native american races. It's funny that you said she looks like a white girl as Sofia is in fact a natural blonde, she was asked to dye her hair brown to fit what people, like you, EXPECT Latinas to look like. I know you're gonna delete this, but I just had to let ya know. :-)

    1. I seriously just said that, in case you can't read. :-)


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