Friday, November 25, 2011

Sally Hansen Gem Crush, Diamond Strength,Smooth & Perfect and Salon Effect

Spotted at CVS, Sally Hansen Gem Crush seems to be a range of glitter nail polish that are vibrant enough on their own.
The new Smooth & Perfect is a ridge-filling nail polish with "soft breathable porcelain smooth finish". I wonder how smooth it will turn out since pastels are usually quite chalky on nails.
The Diamond Strength got a new design (while the shades don't appear to be new).  Beside the clear one in the range, there is also a new top coat called Diamond Flash.
The seemly popular Salon Effects nail polish strips also added 24 new shades/patterns.


  1. omg i love sally hansen! their diamond strength line is the best XD
    !! they released a gem crush collection? omg gotta check it out! XD

  2. oi oi i jus love <3 <3 diamond crush xox XD


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