Sunday, November 06, 2011

Revlon Holiday Beauty Essentials and Colorburst Lip Butter

Kind of random, Revlon released some nail file, buffer and eyelash tools for their holiday collection (and I kind of wonder how many time will they be using/recycling this poster).
 Here is the much anticipated (for me) and raved (by other bloggers) Color Burst Lip Butter - I have already gotten two of them and am still wait for a sunny day to take pictures of them (my blog motto has been "Take picture then deflower...") .


  1. I've been seeing raves on the lip butters so I look forward to your reviews!

  2. you are lucky to have found those lip butters! i went out searching for them today, no sight.
    (i like your mottos! ;) )

  3. Ahhh I've been wanting those lip butters but haven't been able to find though, although idk if I'd pay the full $7-8 on them if I do see them at Walgreens or sth

  4. The lip butters look nice! Can't wait for your review.

  5. I really want to try their lip butters, but I'm trying to refrain from buying any more make-up as well... I chose bad time of the year for that! x

  6. ooh waow i wanna try this! off to the drugstore haha ~


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